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Bio of Sorts:

About Us

Cryzstyl, Black, and Skee, the SKS, make up the nucleus of Midwest Fire Media. We have all gathered knowledge in media from various collaborations and, as of 2019, decided to launch our own company to provide not only our own musical endeavors but services to assist the serious artists, event planners, and music listeners with your needs and progress to a satisfying project.


Musicians, photography, music production, videography, DJs, and audio engineering are just part of what we will offer.


We all carry 20+ years of experience in music and media. All that said, we take our positions and your projects seriously.



Enjoy your time at our site, and please inquire about pricing, appointments, and what you may need, and we will answer as soon as possible. We want to stand out amongst all the competition, but be assured we will fit your needs with excellence.

Please send an email to for any questions

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